Discover the world through Earth Science

What is Earth Science?

Earth Science integrates all sciences, and is the key to unlocking the planet’s past and finding pathways to a sustainable future.

Why is it important?

At a time when our way of life is threatened by the way we live, Earth Scientists are working to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

Let’s get excited about the Earth

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Why Earth Science is a good choice

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A career in Earth Science means getting to work with your hands, head, and heart. It offers exciting opportunities, helps solve essential problems, and gives you access to some of the most beautiful places along with some of the most advanced technologies and coolest tools.


Any number of things, from within all the different areas that make up the Earth Sciences! There are countless jobs that cover so much of the planet – from water, natural hazards, the environment, resources, and energy. From the Earth’s core to the cosmos there is a career for you to discover!


Pay, prospects and perks! Explore some of the most amazing places on this planet and beyond. Access advanced technologies and tools. Protect the public and the environment. Count on a rewarding career with countless opportunities. Be a part of something meaningful for generations to come. Put your skills and interests to use and find rewarding work.


As an Earth Scientist, your classroom is everywhere! From the great outdoors, to advanced technology centers, to specialized research labs, you will have access to so much. To start on your journey, there are schools all across Canada that have the tools you need to get on your path to an Earth Science career.

Ready to rock?

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